Building Blocks: Haiti Edition Day 1


We are about to embark on a grand adventure… a journey that will enlighten us to the overwhelming needs of others, but empower us to be an agent of Hope, a labor in the world’s harvest field. Haiti is ripe for a move of God’s spirit and we are planting a flag that this community of Zoranje belongs to Jesus.

We are a rag tag group of people from all different walks of life teaming up to transform lives… one community at a time. Our mission in Haiti is to be a light into the lives of people who often have no hope.

Our team has packed, repacked and packed again. We have been praying for the trip, praying for the missionary and praying for the “adopted community.” Now we are ready to put our boots on the ground.

So how was our travel day?!

6:00 AM… Go time! We suffered, we mean we stuffed the shuttle bus with our bags, took a quick group photo and kissed our loved ones goodbye. It was too early to process everything, but once we got on the bus to the airport, the excitement grew.

First stop… La Guardia American Airlines check-in desk… so far so good!

Second stop…. Security.  In addition to the normal mission trip packing list items crammed into our bags, we had a plethora of items.  Random tools, tool belts, protein powder, “a-mond butter” (We will get back to that later), Slim Jims (only Nehemiah, I mean Pastor Andy had those), and other various paraphernalia.

Going through security, Bill was singled out. Because he was wearing a green shirt. Never wear a green shirt. Ever. Or it could have been the giant rock hammer he had sticking out of his carry on.

The caffeine-addicted ones in the crew sniffed out some java alongside the others looking for breakfast. Back at the gate, we started the process of getting to know each other, weird quirks and all. It was a great opportunity to unite our faith as we looked ahead to the task at hand.

Manya was eating her banana with a packet of almond butter. Meghan asked her if it was “a-mond butter.” She stared at her for a few seconds before saying, “Pardon?”  Her reply, “A-mond butter. It is how it is really pronounced.” Then she went off rambling about a-mond farmers and how the “L” is silent. Manya can’t wait to not start saying it that way…

Third stop…. Miami. With a quick layover time looming, we Mario Carted through the terminal in search of food and the restrooms. We skipped the “getting-to-know-each-other” part as we chomped down on our lunch at our gate for our final flight into Port-au-prince, Haiti.

Jamie is ready to fly!

Fourth and final stop… Feet on the ground in Haiti. It’s another world here. It is only 5 hours from home, but it is a 180-degree look at life through a different set of spectacles.

Hot? Understatement… Humid? Oh yeah…. Bustling isn’t even the word to describe it. There is also a crescendo of noise that makes New Year’s Eve in Manhattan sound like background music in an empty mall.

Our chariot? A HUGE open-sided cargo truck. Packed like sardines with our bags in the back of the truck, we watched the street surroundings. Crazy drivers. Curb side markets people selling ironing boards, fly swatters and Nike Air Jordans. Colorful buildings and playgrounds.

We really started to feel why we are here in Haiti. Not only are we ready to get to work, but we are ready to change lives for Christ. Our daily motivation is our willingness to work hard to see a community transformed.

At the church building job site, the ground has been broken and the footings are dug and poured. Water for the cement is in place and the foundation row of blocks are laid.

Up next for the Zoranje project is the “pour” cement will be mixed, rubber boots enlisted and let the fun in the sun begin.

So what’s on tap for tomorrow?

We are going to church!! We will be going to Zoranje for their church service and we can’t wait to worship the King of Kings with these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. We are expecting great things in God’s house tomorrow.

Stayed tuned for more…

Along with every daily blog will be two team member spotlights so you all can get to know us.

Please continue to pray for our team. Bon soir from Haiti!

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