Building Blocks: Haiti Edition Day 5 Team Member Spotlights


Josh Castle

Josh is a youth pastor at his church Clearview Church in Virginia Beach. He has been a youth pastor for 2 years. He and his wife Abby have been married for almost 11 years. They have two daughters Payton and Zoey. And one on the way, a baby boy they will call Jeremiah!!

1. What is your favorite ‘80s song?
Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins

2. What inspired you to become a youth pastor?
I was in Nantucket Island, Massachusetts doing security detail for dignitaries. I was in the basement of the hotel we were staying at. That is when I knew God called me to be in ministry. I called Pastor Rob who is the pastor of my church and told him this.

3. What did you do in the Navy?
The first five years I was an electronics technician. The next five years I was a diver.

4. What is your all time favorite TV sitcom?

5. If you could go on a cross-country car ride, who would be in your car (family and wife are not allowed)?
I would put Jesus but He is always in the car with me. So I would choose Abe Lincoln, Wolverine and Frank Sinatra.

6. If you weren’t a pastor what would be your dream job?
I would probably own my own dive shop in Tahiti.


Manya Makoski

Manya volunteers for KidsZone at New Life. She coaches girls soccer at Christian Heritage School. She has been at New Life for 3.5 years.

1.  After playing professional soccer, what other sport would you choose to play professionally?
Ultimate Frisbee

2.  What was your favorite part of being a professional soccer player?
Seeing all of the younger girls in the stands, cheering and asking for autographs. It was so awesome to be able to show them that their dreams of playing professionally can come true.

3.  What is the most interesting city you have ever been to?

Because of soccer I have traveled all over the world. All of the cities I have been to have all been pretty different.  Um… Reykjavik, Iceland was the most interesting because Iceland looked like the moon and it is the biggest city there. All of our bus rides for our away games were 6 hours to get there from up north in Iceland. The views were amazing, the land was pure, and the air was so clear. The Blue Lagoon is down in that area and it was a big tourist attraction, so the food and sights were pretty cool.

4.  If you could make up a dessert combining other desserts, what would you make?
Soft Snickerdoodle cookie on top, funfetti cupcake with the funfetti frosting in the middle, peanut butter froyo, with peanut butter drizzled and a sugar cookie on the bottom.

5.  If you could transform into any animal, mystical or real, what would you choose?
I would turn into my dog, Charley, because he is always happy and chill. His owner is awesome.  He’s incredibly spoiled and gets to go on hikes.  He lives a good life.

6.  If you could ask any historical figure one question, what would you ask to whom?
Jesus Christ and I would ask him, “Why aren’t you here yet?”



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