Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 2 Team Member Spotlight


1. What has been the most challenging hurdle you have had to overcome?

Moving 12 years ago from Aussie to Connecticut… We left our family and friends, but I am happy being in the center of God’s will and He has put us here with wonderful friends and a great church family.


2. What is one thing that you miss from Australia that you MUST have when you go back?

Hands down, without question… Vegemite! It is a salty yeast extract. It is originally made from the head of a beer, turned into a salty paste. We grew up on it squeezed between two pieces of bread.


3. Is it often that you refuse to pray at night? And with other ladies on a missions trip late at night?

Honesty is the best policy…  After two sleeping pills, a cool fan in my face, I must admit it was not top of the list to pray as a unit. But I sucked it up and prayed. Or showed up should I say.


4. How long ago did you get your CNA (not to be confused with CMA) license and your work experience?

About six years ago I originally did it with the intention of putting braces on my kids’ teeth, as we didn’t have dental insurance. But it turned into something I really enjoyed being a part of.



1. Hypothetically… If you were in a foreign country and about to hit a donkey doing 85 MPH how would you handle the collateral damage?

Hypothetically… If I was with Richard Green and assuming the said donkey was not on Pastor Andy’s lap… uh thinking further about it… I would much prefer to slide off a cliff going to Zoranje, than pay full price times four to the owner of the said hit donkey.


2. Who is one person you could meet in all of history? 

From teaching in Bible club and sharing his stories with the kids, I would like to sit down with Paul and ask him how he lived his life, how he dealt with the challenges and the adversity he faced often.


3. Where and how did you meet Jody your wife?

Way before I was introduced to Christ I met her in bar. Two years later I met her again in another bar line dancing. Plain and simple. Enough said!


4. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to fly planes. I actually went to two years of school in New Hampshire to go to Air Force. My eyesight forced me to change course, so I followed that up by going to avionics school and worked for airlines in New York. I loved the challenge of working the gate, runway and it worked out.

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