Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 3 Team Member Spotlight




1. What was your most fearful moment working as a roofer?

In 1968 (the year Pastor Andy and Alli were born), I fell from a 20-foot roof after it started to rain. I felt like I broke my back. I crawled to my truck and drove from Redding to Danbury hospital. I got checked out and was back on the roof the next workday.

2. Briefly describe when you came to know Christ.

My wife and I were separated and I was drunk every night. I was making a lot of money, spending time with friends and away from her. While we were apart she accepted Christ. In 1979, I sold her car and bought a sports car but my life was a mess… When my daughter was 7 after returning from a trip to Canada, I moved back into the house to be with my family. She just kept serving the Lord. I went to church and sat in the back pew of the church as worship went on. I felt Christ and the movement of His Holy Spirit. As the pastor preached, God spoke to me and gave my life to Him.

3. Have you done anything else for work besides a roofer?

When I was 17, I was doing carpentry and they need someone to get on the roof and I started roofing in 1968. I have probably done 20,000 roofs and many of those I have done two times. I did the original roof of the church, 35 years ago of about 640 square feet… but I have done it 3 times!



1. So what is your stand on Solar Power as it relates to Haiti electric usage?

There is a reason why they call me Miss Sunshine! I have been hunting for solar panels all over this place. It just makes sense to get this place connected. How do we get power to Zoranje? I’m all about free light… I have in fact taken a day off from work recently to take my daughters to Stratford garbage treatment center. I just LOVE it! Alternate energy!

2. So you are having dinner at your best friends house, and you found a hair in your salad. What would you do????

I would probably take the high road and secretly mention it to her. But definitely would cease all eating at that time!

3. What would be your absolutely dream vacation, all expenses paid anywhere and anytime?

No question… anywhere tropical…. ‘Cuz I’m easy. But not a cruise, as I get sea sick. Anywhere safe, sunny and sandy! With an outdoor terrace.

4. What were your perceived expectations about this mission’s trip?

I want to lay tiles on the roof! Not with the girls in the gravel pit… just kidding!

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