Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 4 Team Member Spotlight



1. You have been presented with a business opportunity to invest in solar panel energy here on the island of Haiti. Would you take that opportunity?

NO! If there was a profit to make I would consider it. But it’s not a safe investment, the cost ratio is too high and it is currently not cost effective.


2. How has Haiti changed since the last time you were here?  

There are more paved roads and sidewalks. But the people have not changed. They are still a joy to be around. The tent cities are gone. But the kids still express so much joy they don’t want anything more than your time and attention. Richard and his crew are still a joy to work with.


3. What exactly do you do?

I supervise tradesmen in the area of fire and flood restoration. My specialty is yelling at employees. The “MOLD” division is my favorite!


4. In all your years of riding a motorcycle, have you had or come close to an accident?

Yes. I have been in several accidents. One by being attacked by two bats over the course of eight miles. The second one hit my helmet and I have a swatch of leather to prove it. The second bounced off the windscreen.


5. If you could be any superhero who would that be and why?

The Adam West Batman from the 60’s. Why? Because of the gray tights with a hint of blue swath.



  1. Out of all the trips you have been on, which has been your favorite?

Most of my trips have been for pleasure, but this trip has been for service. When I was in high school I wanted to be part of the Peace Corps, but I went to college instead. So now I am fulfilling a bucket list item!


2. What did you do for the Board of Ed?

I taught home economics to special education children, middle school and Bassick High School in Bridgeport. My favorite part of that was teaching cooking. It really covered all the scholastic disciplines… real life skills.


3. If you were stranded on a desert island, would you prefer to be with your worst enemy or alone?

With my worst enemy because we would need each other and we would have the same goals… and I sure we could work out our differences.


4. Being a true “rules” following person, is there a special reason you hold to the strict rule-following regimen?

Rules are for a reason and they are in place for us. But I do SPEED on occasion… The open highway is my location of choice and traveling long distance is a close second.

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