Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 5 Team Member Spotlight

Todd and Karin Sterling
Todd and Karin Sterling



1. Where did you find your husband?

At age 37 I didn’t think I’d find the right man…BUT… I relocated to a new church, and the very first Sunday sermon I attended was at the end of the summer. As part of the Kids Ministry, Todd was dressed in a military uniform as part of Bible Bootcamp. As our friendship grew, it turned into love. We went camping one weekend with our life group and we happened to drive for the trip. It was instant love. We married the next weekend in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator.


2. Hershey’s or Nestlé’ Quick? And your favorite thing to have with it?

Nestlé’s Quick chocolate powder with whole milk. NOTHING ELSE NEEDED! Can I get an amen?! If in dire need, I can force down a glass of Hershey’s, but as a total last resort. Enough said. Basco, Yoohoo, or Ovatine are not even considerations.


3. What made you become interested in photography? And no Todd you can’t answer…

I remember getting a camera before my trip to Alaska two years ago. I paint and draw and enjoy the artistic side of things, so the camera and photography just added to my interest.


4. Would you be able to photocopy $100 bills?

Only if they were completely lined up properly. From my work experience I have plenty of access to high tech equipment that could get that job done for you!



1. Have you ever had a failed attempt at photographing a humming bird? Please explain this unfortunate event…

As you know I got the hand me down camera as the junior photographer in my house. The story goes… one Sunday afternoon while Karin was sleeping I noticed one outside our house. In our close-knit housing community, I raced outside at my excitement to catch the hummingbird in action. After missing the opportunity, I realized I was standing in my underwear. Epic failure but great story!


2. We have heard you have received some very simple gifts, which are a real highlight for you… what has been your favorite “Simple Gift”?

Better than a pineapple or the Christmas Snapple? Karin got me an original Etch-A-Sketch… YES the big one! I now can draw a complete circle having championed the fine motor skills at age 49. Thank you very much!


3. What is the one thing about Karin you love most and one thing you do that you know that upsets her?

She always gets me surprise snacks, proving the adage that the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. Without question, it’s the way I drive. She detests it. I have NEVER had an accident… (Insert hand gesture here… No, not that gesture!)

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