Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 5


You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands; you shall be blessed, and it shall be well with you. Psalm 128:2

2015-09-30 09.22.26

Three words and three words only…. BACON BACON BACON! Oh we just knew it was going to be a great day!

Aaaaaand Porch Queen Alli keeps her crown for yet another day. What else is new…

Work day number three started with another beautiful sunrise, setting the stage for our 1.5 hour rocky, bumpy, topsy-tervy, jaw-rattling, spine-straightening commute to Zoranje. But oh what a sight to come up the last hill and catch the green roof of the Zoranje church. Our church! An extension of Operation: Hope in living color!

2015-09-30 09.22.06

And we got right to work. Team Gravel, as awesome as they are (nothing can stop them!), doubled their workforce, putting more pressure on the other teams, by tackling two projects at once. The bar was set even higher. They called themselves…

Team Gravel-Drain-Pipe-For-Water-Well-And-Preliminary-Site-Clean-Up.

Wow that’s a long one! Let’s call them Team Gravel Pipe.

Team Raise The Roof… well, they “Raised The Roof!” They did their job, finishing the roof and awning on the front porch.

Team Haiti, always a strong team, finished the platform and baptismal tank.

Team Old Guys X2 just laid around in the shade all day doing absolutely no work. Just kidding! They finished the back stairs and the steps up to the platform. And they finished the gable. We knew they could do it!

2015-09-30 10.58.40

We welcomed a quicker ride back to the guesthouse and some down time before a delicious dinner. Five words and five words only… Mashed. Potatoes. And. Meatloaf. Dinner. You thought we were going to say bacon didn’t you?

And for dessert? One word and one word only. Brownies! And not just any brownies. Josyln’s famous chocolate brownies. All that was missing was a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But $40 a gallon is definitely not in the budget.

It is tough sometimes to be away from our usual family and dinnertime routine at home. But tonight was definitely a touch of back home flavor. A big thank you to our house helpers!

It was an early night for the team as the heat and toil has taken its toll. Once again, we enjoyed some time of fellowship and laughter on the patio before hitting the sack. The spotlight questions with Todd and Karin were definitely a great end cap to the night. Thank you guys for being such great sports!

Tomorrow is our last workday. And the theme will be “let’s finish it!” The church will be officially complete! Just a few doors need to be installed, along with the back gable and just finishing touches on a few things.

2015-09-30 13.32.10

The best part of all of this?! Community impact time! Wait until you see the pics!

Please continue to pray for our team, Team Haiti and the people of Zoranje. We are so excited for them to be able to worship our Lord under a beautiful church!

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