Building Lives: Haiti Edition – Day 6 Team Member Spotlight



1. Hypothetically, when you get home from Haiti to step into your garage to notice that while you were gone, your wife has given it ALL to goodwill, what would be your thoughts?

I used to be a packrat… But all the stuff in our garage belongs to my wife! (Insert a great big cheesy grin here!)


2. Could you ever see yourself in full time mission’s work?

I don’t know if I could ever leave my home on a permanent basis, but I love going every time I go and I would go every single time they are offered.


3. Have you ever knowingly sold a LEMON Used car?

No I have never done that! But I have sold some cars to some strange people… I do however have humming birds at my house and Todd is welcome to try and photograph them!



1. We know that your wife is passionate about shoes… is there anything that you are passionate about???

I hoard money to purchase fly fishing equipment (I even have a secret stash…shhh!) I even steal change from Lorna’s car, pockets, etc. I LOVE to pawn her shoes to buy the latest fishing gadget! I have asked her to donate her shoes to make room for my gear.


2. Have you ever been late for an appointment OR have you ever made another minister late for a meeting? And what were the consequences of the incident?

Thirteen years ago, a long, long time ago, there was a young couple who were considering pastoring in my district. My upper pastor asked ME to drive them to Sturbridge, MA for the interview. I agreed and we went to Cracker Barrel along the way. I shared with them how I met my lovely wife and then we proceeded to the 1 PM appointment. I walked in and my Pastor sent me home to my shock. I thought I was just FIRED??? I called Lorna and told her I was quitting to pre-empt him. I mean I had them there at 12:45pm.. REALLY??? That couple was Phil and Alli Morgan. They have been friends ever since.


3. What is your favorite book in the Bible and why? 

Oh that’s easy… I am not reading it anymore! Just like Allie, I am not feeling very spiritual. LOL! Honestly I love the story of Daniel because it is easy to share with kids. Acts are also a personal favorite, as it has nothing to do with kids.


4. Can you tell us your most embarrassing moment? 

It was when we got a brand new car and my son left the garage door open overnight. Lorna went out the next morning to go tag shopping. All I can say is goodbye new car smell and hello skunk smell! Ask Lorna for further details… Or Alli. She knows the whole story. Come to think of it so do the members of our Haiti trip this time around…

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