Building Community Day 1 Operation Haiti – May 2016

1 John 1:7 But if we are living in the light, as God is in the light, then we have fellowship with each other…

Team 4 Zoranje adventure is underway!
Passport? Check

Bags? Check

Ride to JFK?…. Ride to JFK?…. Check!

Plane tickets? Check?

Turned off the iron? Check…
Its 3 AM and we are off to Haiti via JFK and South Florida!
A 5-hour layover in Florida provided the team with the opportunity to secure a burger from Steak & Shake! Some for the very first time! This is already shaping up to be a fantastic adventure!

2016-05-21 10.52.55 2016-05-21 11.47.48

Only a quick 2 hour flight and we are now into a “sea of humanity” we have come to know as Port-Au-Prince… The vibrant, energetic, steamy capitol of Haiti!… uh… did we already mention that is HOT, HOT, HOT here! 90+ for the week!

Wow! You never get used to the stifling heat that bombards your face as soon as you step off the plane and into the non- AC corridors of the terminal.

Next stop- Customs and Immigration… it’s little green card time if you have been with us before you know that is our ticket home next Saturday…. Our temporary Visa card for visiting Haiti…

Down the hall around a corner, past the reggae band welcoming us to this beautiful country and down the stairs into the….. baggage claim abyss… no AC down here claim stall #2 is ours… ALWAYS! … bags, bags and more bags… and no directions how to navigate this chaos…
What a thrill! Its all about attitude and approach… It’s like that with most things in life right?
This scenario reminds me of those Jr. High days of the free ALL skate at the local roller rink! So many people clamoring, floundering, careening everywhere in search of their own piece of hardwood floor real estate. Except here this vast confusion is for their cases.. Some pushing people out of the way, some grabbing onto people to stay standing, some shouting instructions, others caught in no mans land  not knowing what to do… Thankfully… we have some veterans on this trip and they spring into action to secure our bags.
Ahhhhhhh the cattle car/truck! Now we are back! For the newbies it’s a bit intimidating but those of us returning it’s a piece of Zornaje lore that has captured our senses and we eagerly anticipate the adventure that will be had as we settle into our chariot for the trip to the sanctuary we call the guesthouse!

2016-05-21 17.00.39

That 5 mile trip took us nearly an hour… walking is never an option but most assuredly could have been quicker.
Our missionary hosts- Richard and Kelly Green have outdone themselves again. We were treated to a welcome gift at each of our bunks and or course the aroma of a home cooked meal could be smelt even before we entered the gates! What a treat to be here with these awesome hosts and their amazing team.

2016-05-21 17.46.57 2016-05-21 17.07.51
A quick team meeting and we are off to bed.. We are looking forward to what God has in store for us and the community we are so excited to delve into. Tomorrow is church! The anticipation of joining our adopted church family in Zoranje to worship the king of kings is almost overwhelming. To know that the same God ministering to people in our home churches in Connecticut is also touching, cleansing, healing hearts in this remote hillside village! To God be all the glory… Great things He has already done!
Until tomorrow!

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