Building Community Day 2 Operation Haiti – May 2016

Hebrews 13:16 And don’t forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God.

Roosters @ 4am NEVER gets old…. OK yes it does… Greeted this morning by hustle and bustle of goats bounding up and down the rocky road outside our guesthouse and the occasional motorbike buzz… other than that a peaceful morning.

2016-05-22 09.38.20

Breakfast and out… Its church day and we are headed to our adopted community… but first because the two bridges we normally cross on our path to Zoranje are collapsed, we are forced to take the longer route… nearly a two hour trip… Made for some interesting sights, sounds and smells… all part of the Haiti adventure… Stunning views from the mountain pass today!

Coming around the mountain… (I know everyone started humming the song) the roof tops of the Victorious Life Church came into view and it is without question a beacon of light in this community. From just inside the gate over the hum of the generator we could hear the kids voices as they belted out their Bible verse and responded to their teachers request for answers about the days Bible story.

Joy abounded as we stepped out of our vehicles … we were met by smiling faces, gestures of love and warm embraces from family… yup family… they are part of our extended church family and they are more importantly counted as part of God’s vast family!

2016-05-22 11.23.39 2016-05-22 11.02.15

We will not complain about our service lengths again… 3+ hours of song, praise, testimony and God’s word… we are well fed spiritually to carry us into our work week.. but I dare say we will feast on the deep touch of His Holy Spirit long after that…. During worship we soaked up the noticeable tune to an old worship song we sing at home … a hymn to be certain… And it was splendid to soak it all in.

God was very real and present among us in this remote part of our world…. To God be ALL the glory… Great things He has done…is doing… and will continue to do.

Next stop… (After many hugs, handshakes and waves… ) Lunch!!  Haitian style… chicken, rice, cokes, more rice, fresh fruit, more rice, more cokes… you get the pattern.. A little roadside café that has become the norm for Operation Hope Sunday lunch…. Oh sooooo good… the best part…. The fellowship! Did we mention yet that it is HOT, HOT, HOT here?!

DSC00288 DSC00292

We were granted the peaceful time to learn a bit more about the team and we can already see alliances being forged as we negotiate who will be with whom as we get started at work tomorrow… Don’t panic team “old guy” is well represented this time around! New to the project is Team Med… not to be confused with club med… what they will do this coming week will be anything but a relaxing poolside rest… Keep them in prayer they may just see upwards of 500 cases… stayed tune.

Last stop today was a jaunt to the Metal Village to shop for some cool metal items that are made from the tops of 55-gallon steel drums… what talent these guys possess!

The rest of our day today was consumed with rest, fellowship, a good old Italian/Haitian meal (pasta & meat sauce!) and a bit of prep work for our construction and medical endeavors starting tomorrow… Good night all.. Breakfast (YES BACON!) is at 4:30am… Keep us in prayer and stay tuned….

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