Building Community Day 5 Operation Haiti – May 2016

Building Community: Haiti Edition- Day 5

Hebrews 10:24-  Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.

The Bridge is OPEN! Yahoo! We got to sleep in until 5AM this morning! We will cut almost 45 min. off our travel time each way today, with the bridge open.

Another beautiful day here in Zoranje… Cool start which will help team Roofers… That steel and metal sheeting gets really hot… Plan is to get most of the roof on the rest of the building today so that we can lay the brick to finish the classrooms… Super excited!

We are truly blessed to be a part of what God is doing here in the awesome community… People’s lives are being transformed for the Glory of God and we just happen to have a front row seat to His handiwork!

Today is “Ladies” day with the Doc… please pray for the women here in the community… Lots of “Stuff” going on in their bodies… Some we can assist with medicine. But some the great physician is going to touch!

DSC01955 DSC02170

We continue to be blessed by the sound of school kids in the church building. There are 6 classes all in one room. They have staked out a parcel of floor with a teacher and a chalkboard at the front of each station. They are singing, laughing and learning.. about their world and about their creator! Joy floods our hearts to hear them as we work outside their windows. Pretty cool to take a second and listen to them… reminder that through Christ we are making an impact here in Zoranje. Can’t wait to see them learning in their new facility. Gratitude and appreciation abound everywhere!


AfternoonUpdate! ¾ of the roof is COMPLETE! That is exciting news! That means we can get to work on laying the rest of the blocks in the classrooms to support the new roof! To God be the glory! Sometimes we want so much for work to move along quicker and no matter how much we try to get it done faster… it gets done.

DSC02057 DSC01979 DSC01998

We are learning that everything has a purpose and there are things to learn all along the way.

Our Team Med did Rock Star stuff today… They continue to adjust on the fly and with such grace, compassion and dignity. Nearly 50 ladies treated today at moments two ladies being examined at the same time. What a blessing to have a female Dr. on our team this time. Doc was able to assist so many women today that simply wouldn’t have come out today had it been a male Doctor.

Chris and his team saw 45 people and gave them glasses… An amazing job well done by our team… Once again reminding us that our medical clinic will change lives and hearts for the Kingdom of God! This community is being transformed!

Stayed Tuned!

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