Building A Future- Day 1 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

The March 2017 adventure got underway on Friday as the team from the University of Valley Forge arrived in Haiti first.



On this years team we have a few returning members along with the ‘newbies’. From the second they all stepped onto the sun bleached grounds outside the airport, each and every one of their senses were immediatly electrified by this new environment.

For some, this is as far from a normal life as you can get. What… a city of 3 million people and NOT one single stoplight!? Wait… we’re riding in what… thats a cattle car! Umm.. It will take how long to get to the guesthouse…that’s only 4-5 miles away… an hour??? Ahh… life in Port-Au-Prince, you either adapt and enjoy the adventure or you get back on the next flight back home… I’m happy to report, they all stayed!


Team CT arrived this morning as did the Texas Team, and man… there is a lot of us here now! This is going to be awesome. The ages span from 14 years old to 65 years old, we have an amazing team of servants and we give God ALL the glory!



Today was move-in day with a bit of a surprise… We made a quick trip to the Mountains for the best french fries in Haiti and a “To-Die-For” view of the terraced farming community just outside the capitol.



As always the ride to and from was the highlight… We played several games in the back of the cattle car including soccer… with goalkeepers and everything; True Story!

We can already see the beginnings of the team forming bonds and connecting with each other.

Our Children’s Ministry team spent about 2 hours working and practicing on the program for this weeks Kids Camp… we may have as many as 300 kids attend each day this week! We are so thankful for the opportunity to impact these wonderful kids in Zoranje.

Tomorrow is church and we are so excited to spend Sunday with our adopted church. We will be praying for our churches back home as the message of Gods love reaches into the lives of people in Texas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and here in Haiti! One God ministering to lives around the corner, and around the world!

Our internet connection is poor but we are hoping everyone back home can at least get a glimpse of what God is doing in and through us here in Haiti.

Thank you all for your prayers!


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