Building A Future – Day 2 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

Today is church day!

A quick breakfast and we were off to Zoranje to join our Haitian church family for worship. Our ninety minutes traveling to the site was worth every bumpy second, when we rounded the bend, to see the familiar green roof tiles of the church and school, glistening in the morning sun, and the sound of worship filled the mountain air!


As worship filled the church the spirit of God began to minister to lives all across the building, and today 3 young people raised their hands to accept Christ!

Today was focused on leadership prayer and preaching! Discipleship in action!

Pastor Paul brought a greeting from our team and our pastors while church leaders had the opportunity to lay hands on and pray for the leadership in this growing church.

The sermon today was delivered by a young pastor in the church and we were challenged to be a light in the darkness of our world… “Will you be that one who responds? God use me!”

A focus on Christ will bring victory for the kingdom…..


The afternoon was spent having lunch in the village… it takes a lot of PB&J to feed 45 people! Pringles and cookies were on the menu for this wonderful time of fellowship in our adopted community.

The majority of the team left to make the two-hour trip back to the guesthouse in Port Au Prince. However ten members of the team stayed behind to live in Zoranje for the week.

This evening at the guesthouse, the children’s ministry teams continued preparations for tomorrow’s Kids Camp!


Back in Zoranje, Team “Roughing It” got busy building living quarters, a shower and an eating area. Good thing we have a plumber on the team… the shower is just a 5-gallon bucket with a makeshift shower head attached to it, but we are thankful for this amazing adventure!



The team is extremely excited about the opportunity to make this investment in this incredible village!

Stay tuned! Kids camp and construction starts tomorrow morning… Thank you for your prayers!

6 thoughts on “Building A Future – Day 2 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

  1. Lorna doing what she does so well ,loving the children wherever she goes!!!Keep up your GOD given work Lorna and all of you on your mission in Haiti! So proud of all of you!xxoo

    1. You know it Sandy… these kids are getting loved on for sure!!! We are all so blessed by this opportunity to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to this community! Thanks for your prayers and please feel free to share this post: Keep checking back for more updates!

  2. So hard not to be there with you all…give my love to everyone….especially Bernadette and Eveni…also Kelly…and of course the Brookfield team! Keeping you guys in prayer!

    1. HI Karin! Bernadette took me to her house to show me a picture of you and ask if you came. : ) Her husband is back!

      1. Oh wow! More pictures please! We have been praying for you everyday. Hope all is well! xoxo Jenelle
        Ps> Tell Funzia I say hello!

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