Building A Future – Day 3 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

Monday musings:

Early start in Zoranje! Several competing roosters were tuning up in an ancient verbal duel to introduce the morning sun… Glorious start to the day! The team at Camp Zoranje got to chow down on pancakes and coffee on the mountain side before we getting to work.


Back at the guesthouse, our first work day kicked off with a hearty breakfast and 5:30am departure to get ahead of the traffic….traffic you say? Yes! 3 million people here in the city and NOT a stoplight to be found!

It is an organized chaos that rhythmically works, unless a bridge goes out or a large truck breaks down, then it’s a 4 hour ride to work instead of 90 minutes. (Side note: Our taxi bus couldn’t make the steep grade to Zoranje so part of the team had to walk a portion of the way.) Back home at the gym we’d call that inclined cardio! That is just a taste of what so many here do daily just to survive, there are lessons to be learned everywhere… daily.

“Team Steel” is moving along quickly on the metal trusses for the clinic, while “Team Block & Mortar” laid two layers on the exterior walls, as we began to lay out the floor plan for the new Medical Facility.

Bring on the kids!

Kids camp is exploding, over 100 kids checked in today! Lorna and Pastor Franz’s wife went door to door recruiting kids to come hear about Jesus! We had the joy of serving the kids pasta for lunch! A real treat for them and for the team!

The afternoon was filled with soccer games, lemonade, and showing off for the drone. “Team steel” and “Team Block & Mortar” pressed on, despite the hot sun, to set up the building to raise the trusses in the morning!


The guesthouse crew headed home for a tasty rice and pork dinner and a relaxing night on the patio! Back at Camp Zoranje, we had a home-cooked Haitian meal, and some 5v5 soccer on our new pitch! God simply is awesome and we can’t to see what tomorrow brings, thank you for your prayers!


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