Building A Future – Day 4 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

Tuesday is market day in Haiti!

The streets are filled (more than usual) with merchants and consumers, trading and bartering their wares. Some have walked literally all night to bring their goods to sell or trade, just to survive. Others walk nearly 15 miles just to buy enough food to get them to Friday, then… they make the journey again. 

We continue to be humbled by these wonderful people and their optimistic, resourceful attitude. With just a flicker of hope, their faces beam with anticipation of what God has in store for them. One child grins from ear-to-ear at receiving a bit of leftover rice & beans, while another laughs with delight over being given a simple tennis ball!

One of our Haitian construction team members had been wearing 5-year-old women’s sneakers with no socks and a blown-out side, today someone gave him men’s sneakers in his size and a pair of socks. The gratitude and pride in receiving this simple act of love was a reminder that we can all do something to bring joy and encouragement into someone’s life at anytime, anywhere.

Our day started with “Team Devos” as we were blessed by a wonderful devotion again. We were challenged to use a “little bit of oil” in our labor today: “God today take all we have that we may be poured out for your glory.”  We will invest “our little bit” in these people today, all For His Glory, Amen!

Please continue to pray for the team as the sun beats down without mercy, pushing us to retreat more often to the shadows for a few seconds’ relief. We are consuming over 10 gallons of water a day, and it’s still not enough to refresh us.

Kids camp today was amazing! The story of Gideon reminded the kids that they can do all things through Christ. He will lead and we need to follow.  These children once again asked Jesus to be their forever friend! 

On the construction side, “Team Block & Mortar” continue to lay layer after layer of wall, while “Team Steel” raises more and more trusses. They are incredible and continue to do great things for His Kingdom.

We again thank God for all Richard and Kelly are doing to take care of us. With two household sites going, they have split their time to make it work and it’s awesome how they have lived with us. However, more so have they poured their love out on their Haitian team that continues to serve alongside them every day.

We are looking forward to tomorrow as we once again reflect on all God did through us today! Thank you for the support and prayers!

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