Building A Future – Day 5 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

This is the day the Lord has made!

Morning devos
Morning devotionals


Wow! What an incredible sunrise over Haiti today! We arrived at devotions expecting and anticipating to connect with God. We were once again ushered into His presence by our amazing worship team.

A great devotional today that helped us to focus on being God’s hands and feet.

The challenge was “Are we willing to be the answer of someone’s prayer today, and be used individually and collectively?”

The kids team got busy setting up and practicing for today’s activities. The children outside the gate have been abuzz with excitement to hear the next story we have for them! God is so awesome!

“Team Block & Mortar” got stuck today laying more blocks, and it’s really coming into shape as window openings can now be seen!

Meanwhile, “Team Steel” has completed all the trusses! What an amazing job they have done! Tomorrow we start putting on ceiling panels. The goal is to have it completely covered before we leave tomorrow evening.

Our goat farm has a new addition!

We’re happy to report that our goat farm is growing and helping this community provide for their families! What a great surprise to see this new addition while we are here. We even got to play a few great games of soccer and made some awesome connections through fellowship.

Tomorrow is our final work day, and it will also be an emotional day as we say goodbye to the kids and our Haitian work team. However, it’s not “Goodbye” but “See You Soon!”. We WILL be back!

So many faces, so many stories. One Great, BIG, Loving God with an amazing plan for this wonderful village. As always, thank you for all your prayers!


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