Building A Future – Day 6 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – March 2017

A beautiful day… in Zoranje!


We awoke to a bright sunrise and greeted by even brighter smiles, walking into Devotions. Last night was a special night, as we got to pray with Pastor Franz inside the new facility. One half of the roof was finished late last night, and we should finish the other half.  “Team Steel” is determined to complete it before we leave! “Team Block & Mortar” when finished, will have laid over 1,000 blocks this week!

“Team Construction” took time away to hike a nearby mountain and discover a new village tucked away in a valley only a mile from Zoranje. The 12-14 hour work days have taken its toll on the us, we called “Lights Out” at 8pm!

During devos we were challenged, on this last day in the village, to remember that we are asking God to fill these seats we now vacate with souls that need to know Christ  and His love.

“Team Kids Ministry” have done an amazing job of caring for the children in camp. Yesterday, nearly 200 kids turned up for soccer games and jump-rope competitions. Pastor Frank and his wife were right there in the thick of it, forming the bonds with people in their community.

Tears and smiles filled our day. Hugs and handshakes were given out plentifully as we said goodbye to our adopted families. Being able to see the transformations unfold before us has been an inspiration. Knowing that we had a small part in the advancing of the kingdom of God! 

Please keep Zoranje in your prayers and hearts as we endevor to win souls for the kingdom.

Won by One!

Tomorrow will be our off day and we have a cool surprise in store for the entire team, stayed tuned. Thank you all for your prayers!

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