Building A Place Of Healing – Day 1 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – May 2017

Day 1 | Saturday, May 20, 2017 (Project: Building a Medical Clinic)

Early To Rise…

Our morning began with an early start at 5am. Three of the four teams met with our pastor and leader, Andy Patton, where we made our trek to John F. Kennedy airport. This is currently one of the largest teams to come to Haiti for missions outreach of any kind, with a majority of them being “first-timers”.

The Connecticut crew consisted of three churches: New Life, Cornerstone, and Shoreline. After arriving in Port-Au Prince, our group connected with the rest of the group to which we would be working with this week, which was made up of 11 Chi Alpha students from San Antonio, Texas.

Our journey to the mission compound was unforgettable to say the least. All of our team’s senses were assaulted with different sights, smells, sounds, and 95-degree humidity, all the while being driven there in what amounted to a cattle truck.

To some, this might seem like a miserable afternoon, but for us, it gave many of the individuals on our team the opportunity to experience everyday life in a third-world nation.

All Settled In…

Once we settled into our new home for the next seven days, the team had the chance to unpack and unwind before meeting with Missionary Richard Green. Richard debriefed us on our goals for the upcoming days, as well as diving deeper into his testimony of faith.

Big Andy

We ended the night with a fantastic Haitian dinner made by some of the local cooks, as well as a thought provoking devotion on the importance of having a strong foundation. Tomorrow, we look forward to going to our first authentic Haitian church service, where our very own Pastor Andy will be sharing a message on the Apostle Paul!

Even after being here for less than 24 hours, we can see God already moving among some of our team members. Remember to keep checking into the daily blog, keep our team in your prayers, and stay on the lookout for a recap video that will be posted in a couple of weeks. We are excited to see what the rest of the week has in store for us!

God Bless!

Devon & Lucas

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