Building A Place Of Healing – Day 3 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – May 2017

Day 3 | Monday, May 22, 2017 (Project: Building a Medical Clinic)

Getting to Work

Early to rise, 5AM on the dot. A short while after wakeup, everyone piled into the cattle truck and headed out for Zoranje. The two-hour trip seemed a little bit quicker than yesterday, but the scenery was no less breathtaking than the day prior.


After arriving at church, each team separated and got to work. The construction crew making their way to the medical clinic and the Kids Camp crew started setting up for day one of VBS. One of our team leaders, and former interns, Merari Ramos, started VBS with an awesome message on the Lost Sheep that Jesus chases after. The kids seemed to be captivated and wanting to hear more, they really enjoyed it.



As the children broke up into their separate stations, they each got to participate in activities such as crafts, coloring, dancing and so many fun games. Although there was a language barrier, our team had no issues finding a way to spread the message of Love our Savior brought to us.


Building a Health Clinic

Throughout the day, the construction team continued to work on the medical clinic. They were constantly laying brick and building the walls, starting to let the building take shape. It was tough work, but as the old saying goes, “many hands makes light work.” Each member worked well with the other, and they all eventually found their groove.


Our head missionary, Richard Green, was a tremendous leader, and he assisted both groups in whatever was needed! We feel very blessed by the welcoming spirit the people of this country have, and humbled by everyone at home praying for us. We will continue to keep working hard and spreading God’s love. Something great is happening here in Haiti, but God’s work is never done, we will keep building His foundation.



We ended the our day by gathering for a delicious dinner at the compound. More and more people are coming out of their comfort zone, and we are truly becoming family. Needless to say we are all so excited to see where God takes us this week!

God Bless!
Devon & Lucas

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