Building A Place Of Healing – Day 4 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – May 2017

Day 4 | Tuesday, May 23, 2017 (Project: Building a Medical Clinic)

Market Day in Port-au Prince

Tuesday is Market Day! In order to beat the rush we had to get an extra early start before making our way back to Zoranje. We were all loaded up in the cattle truck by 5 am… yes, 5AM. We traveled our normal route, and you could see that everyone in Haiti knew it was market day as well. Everything from Coca-Cola to live goats is available for sale here. People travel from all over the country, some walk, some ride bikes with huge packs on their back, some ride cattle trucks that are stacked 10ft high just to sell their goods in Port-au Prince on this day. It was a pretty amazing experience to say the least!

Day two of VBS included more games, songs, bible stories and lots of arts and crafts. The kids love spending time with us as much as we love spending time with them! They seem so focused on The more we interact with these kids, the more we are falling in love with them, and this country.

The Fruits of Our Labor

The people here are truly making us feel as though we are part of their every day lives. Our group continues to be flexible and willing to fit in wherever, and whenever a need arises. Connecting with these children and families is the core reason we are here and there is no loss of attention given. There are so many wonderful people here that are hungry to know Jesus, it’s such an eye opening and heart changing experience.

At the job site, Richard took charge and put the building team to work as soon as we arrived. There’s no time to waste and he makes sure we get the most out of our time here to help raise the walls of this medical clinic. The construction team never stops, continued laying cinder block after cinder block, building the walls of the medical center. Pastor Andy is a huge inspiration for us all, not only by seeing him work so hard work along side us, but also with his enthusiastic leadership to keep going even in this heat!

We made great progress today, and we look forward to even more great accomplishments to get this project done tomorrow. From welding to pouring cement, the building team worked hard and used their skills and gifts of labor to share God’s love for His children. God is doing amazing things through this team, and we’ve only just begun this journey. What an amazing 4 days it has been!

We are all excited for more work and VBS fun in the days to come. Thank you again for all of your prayers. God surely has His hand on Zoranje, and we are honored to be a part of it.

God Bless!

Devon & Lucas

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