Building A Place Of Healing – Day 5 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – May 2017

Day 5 | Wednesday, May 24, 2017 (Project: Building a Medical Clinic)

Sleepless in Zoranje…

Well, not really… we’re well rested and ready to tackle another day! However, some of us night-owls may have felt half-asleep piling into our buses this morning, LOL. The travel is probably the most tiring part of the week, but the team has used this time to bond and get ourselves mentally ready for the full day ahead. We arrived at the church at 7:30 am and got ready for devotions. During devotions this morning, Merari Ramos shared her thoughts about our purpose for being there this week. What was said became a perfect reminder of why we are here.

God moved in such an amazing way this morning, what an emotional and  day in VBS! Many of the team members have made connections with the children here that have grown in such a way that they didn’t want to leave! The kids colored, ate lunch, and even learned a new dance. It’s amazing to see that every single one of our team members have worked beyond what was expected of them to make this time here unforgettable.


Building Blocks

Down at the medical clinic site, our construction crew continued to lay cinder block after cinder block. Our team is working so hard that in this short time they were able to finish one wall and put in some of the windows on the building. So far they’ve moved over 400 cinderblocks into place! Everyone is working hard and there are no slackers but the team agrees… we wanted to acknowledge that these four: Zach, Mimo, Lisa, and Francisco worked so hard today to make sure that got done. They seriously went into overdrive moving cinderblocks all over the place, not easy work!


We are really looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow, and although we miss you all at home, can we say it… we are sad to leave. God has changed many of the team members lives this week,  and it will be hard to leave the people we now call friends. We are happy however to know that Zoranje is in good hands, and God will continue to bless this community through our missionary Richard in so many different ways.

Again, we thank you for your prayers. We truly believe that all we accomplished this week would not have been possible without your faithfulness in prayer. God is blessing us daily, and we will continue to be the best representation of Jesus we can!

God Bless!

Devon & Lucas


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