Building A Place Of Healing – Day 6 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – May 2017

Day 6 | Thursday, May 25, 2017 (Project: Building a Medical Clinic)

Saying Goodbye… see you in October

Although our final day of work came with a great sense of accomplishment, knowing it was our last day here, it also gave us heavy hearts. Previous teams warned us that the last day in Zoranje is always filled with emotions, and they were right. As we drove to the village this morning, there was a different vibe in the bus, still one of excitement but also filled with a heightened focus. We all knew this was our last chance to share the love of Jesus with the people of Zoranje. Although there was a palpable sense of sadness to leave, the team made it our mission to finish up strong and make sure we accomplished all God had set us out to do.

The construction team was able to finishing the walls they were working on this week, as well as pouring 2 concrete beams. The Chi-Alpha team from San Antonio really stepped it up today and their effort was nothing short of excellence. Even the students were willing to help chip in wherever they could, and they all did it with a smile on their face!

The VBS team also finished up Kids Camp with smiles on their face knowing that these kids had the time of their lives. They really brought their maximum energy & effort today, even after this very long week. With over a 120 kids attending, it would have been easy for them all to settle back and take it easy on their last day, but understanding the importance of this camp, everyone went into over-drive. The children seemed over joyed with the amount of energy in the camp and were so eager to see and learn about what Jesus had done of them.

♫ We left our hearts in… Zoranje ♫

When it was time to pack up our bus for the last time, we were able to say our goodbyes and take any last pictures of memories we wanted to capture. We all gathered for a group photo with everyone that pitched in and helped us this week. It was an amazing moment because it showed how many lives were involved in assisting us. It also gave us an overwhelming sense of how loved we were by the people of Zoranje. We came this week to share God’s love, but we weren’t expecting to get so much love in return!

To add to what was a SPECTACULAR week in Haiti, Pastor Andy got to Baptize one of Devons best friends Luke Acuna who is like another son to him; SO AMAZING! God is Great!


We ended our journey in Haiti by spending the night at Wahoo Bay Resort. Needless to say it was a GREAT treat for us, and the perfect way to wind down after a hectic week. We shared an awesome meal together, swam in the beautiful ocean and enjoyed the most amazing scenery we’ve ever seen in our lives. For tomorrow, we’re all looking forward our last day of rest here at the resort and in the morning, a chance to enjoy snorkeling in this crystal clear water. After that we head home to the guest house for one last night and then it’s back to the USA!

With witnessing so many wonderful blessing this week, we are all sad to leave this amazing country, but we’re also so excited to get back to our families! Once again we thank you all for your prayers this week. God moved in a mighty way and we know we were blessed by it all and kept safe by His hand of mercy because of your prayers.

God Bless!

Devon & Lucas

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