Building A Place To Call Home – Day 1 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

A Clear Path To Follow …

As we embark on the latest installment of Operation Rescue ‘Haiti Edition’ we are reminded as a team that we are stepping in to fill the shoes of those who have come before us and laid down the footprints for future teams to follow.


Our adopted village in Zoranje has become a second home for many of our team members. For instance, this trip in particular includes 8 that have made the trip more than once and 3 have been back more than three times!  We now no longer enter the village as strangers but as friends. Hands are not extended to us with palms up asking “What can you give me?” but instead they are extended outward with a warm embrace welcoming us back in gratitude for helping to bring change to this corner of God’s Kingdom.

Here is a snap shot of what we have done over the past few years … Please be sure to stay tuned daily as we post about what great things God is doing here and you will get to follow along with us as we jump into the Haiti life with both feet on the ground.

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15 team members from 4 churches and the University of Valley Forge! A rag tag unit of servants willing to give their time and talent to continue impacting the village of Zoranje!  Over the next week you will see what they accomplish for God, what they endure to complete the tasks and what they experience that will change their lives forever… this week will be full of adventure. From airplanes, to busses, to cattle cars, to maybe even donkeys, backhoes, and motorcycles. No, matter what happens it’s going to be a Haiti adventure and it will unfold right here in this edition of Operation Hope- Haiti! So stay tuned!



2:30AM and we are off… some more awake than others. We set sail for Long Island and the crazy maze called JFK airport. A quick stop in Stamford to pick up the other half of the team.. (7 from New Life Trumbull, 6 from Bethany Church-Stamford, and 1 from Brookfield First Assembly) 5 pastoral staff, 1 plumber, 1 missionary, 2 electricians, 1 tree guy, at lest 1 techy dude, an eye doctor, 1 dental proffesional, 1 college campus team leader… what a blessing!

7AM- The team is checked in and excited to get going. We are bringing everything we could carry… School book bags, Baby blankets, Kids clothes, Flip Flops, Soccer cleats, Welding wire, Work gloves, School supplies, Eye glasses, kids ministry materials… man that was a lot of cases! Praying it all gets through customs.

Next stop… Haiti

Can’t wait to see the faces of our newbies on this trip and here their gasps when they step into the non-AC airport… and have to run the gantlet (the baggage claim area). It’s complete mayhem and one of the most entertaining parts of the trip lol.

11AM and here we are sitting on the plane waiting to step into our new culture… I know we are planning to be a blessing to those we serve and serve with, but those who have made this trek before know we end up getting more blessed than we could ever imagine.

Hold on tight

Outward we go to live with the wonderful people of this chaotic but rhythmic land! We call it the cement jungle… and suddenly a song title from U2 flashes in our heads “where the streets have no name”. Somehow with 3 million people crammed into a messy & dirty maze of streets and alleys our driver expertly navigates us through the sea of humanity and drops us off safely behind the gates of our oasis affectionately called the “Mission Guesthouse”.


After nearly a hour of bobbing and weaving through traffic, dodging cycle taxis, tap -tap jeeps, animals of all sorts and a slew of potholes, closed roads and bike paths… we will be introduced, reintroduced or once again reunited with our amazing hosts from the great state of Kentucky… Richard and Kelly Green. They will do everything within their power to make sure we have a nice clean restful retreat after our long, hot and hard worked days that await us this week.

For today we will enjoy a coke and a smile on the terrace overlooking our missions field as we await our first meal with our new teammates, roommates and workmates.  Then it’s off to bed… we’ve been up and in travel since 1AM. So we will say good night and God bless!

We are praying for church services back home and looking forward to the experiences of joining our Zoranje family in Worship and the Word of God tomorrow! Stay tuned!


Until tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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