Building A Place To Call Home – Day 2 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

Sunday in Haiti…

It’s church day and we are so excited to be able to worship with our adopted church family in Zoranje!

The team enjoyed a quick breakfast and then we all piled into the cattle car for our 90 minute ride to church. Cattle car or not we felt blessed to be riding in a truck to church because every other person attending is either walking or riding on a motorcycle taxi, which needless to say is not the most comfortable and definitely not a relaxing ride at all. 


What a treat to see old friends and so exciting to see new faces! Hugs, smiles and laughter were part of our church experience this morning. Reunited with this wonderful community and the opportunity to worship alongside them again was at times a bit overwhelming for us. Glory to God, over 100 in service today and that’s not even counting our team! Got is doing such great things here in Zoranje and we are so thrilled to worship on the mountain today!

These are a people that share an eagerness to rejoice and worship our Lord regardless weather they have plenty or they have little. It is such a breath of fresh air to join together praising Jesus even if we didn’t understand a single word LOL. Gods presence was rich and full in this place as He ministered to everyone in the building.

Pastor Dennis from Florida and Pastor Al from Brookfield greeted the Zoranje church family today letting them know we continue to be committed to helping build this community while we help spread the love of God to those that have not yet heard His name. We are so thankful and honored that we get to represent your efforts back home and all of our wonderful partners that continue to invest in the lives of these amazing people… thank you ALL for being a part of this incredible effort!

God is moving …

About half way through the service, as the church began to pray for our missions team, the spirit of the Lord filled the room and the church began to pray for the missionaries believing that they will soon be sending them out to reach other communities!


Today’s message was from Luke 19… nothing is impossible for God, there is Hope in and through Jesus… Jesus is ALL we need! What an important reminder for both America and Haiti today.


Preparing for opportunity…

The rest of our day was spent relaxing as we got sorted out for our hard work-week that lay ahead. We took this opportunity to organize and inventory our medical equipment that will help supply the clinic next month that included nearly 1000 eye glasses in anticipation of the response we will have at the clinic tomorrow. There will be no shortage of people coming to receive supplies and it’s going to be very hot and humid all week so please keep the team in your prayers as they serve many of these people who will be receiving their very first pair of glasses. We also organized the kids ministry supplies in preparation for the fun and exciting kids program we have planned for the  wonderful kids we will meet this week.




Although the unrelenting heat and draining humidity will return tomorrow, we look forward to seeking out the endless opportunities to serve these wonderful people through it all. There is so much going on here in Haiti so please continue to check back with us as we will be sending pictures  and updates on our progress as our week unfolds. Please keep us in your prayers as we push on and we will also be praying for you all back home, be blessed.

Until tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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