Building A Place To Call Home – Day 3 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

Monday muses…

Breakfast at 5am and NO bacon???… enough said! But nobody else seemed to mind… sooooo who do I need to speak to?!

What a beautiful sunrise this morning. So early and the city was already buzzing with vendors lining the streets to make their living. We are constantly faced with a wide variety of sights, sounds and smells that either remind us of a previous trip or causing us to reflect in thanks for our blessings back home.

Today we didn’t sit in traffic like back home but it’s traffic nonetheless… and no worries if the AC unit is working because we have no AC! Saying that it’s HOT is an understatement.


Bringing the Good News…

We climbed the mountain today with the anticipation of bringing hope where there may be no hope left, joy where it has been lost and now loneliness and sadness has consumed for far too long. Today, we step out to be the Light of Gods love through the work of our hands and feet.


We were blessed to be able to work through so many points of ministry today. First our Kids Camp Team kicked off the first of our 4 day children’s ministry with 25 smiling and anxious pre-school kids ranging in age from 3-5yrs old. What an amazing opportunity to share the Love of Christ with ears that were wide open waiting to hear every part of the bible story as it was told through characters and fun object lessons.

Team “Old Guys”, as we were so graciously dubbed, got stuck laying down cement blocks on the interior of the medical clinic where we installed nearly 500 blocks! We may be old but we are definitely not slow!

Team Young Bucks joined Team Iowa to start putting up walls on a house built for one of our school staff and I have to say they hit it out of the park! They even got a patio poured and it’s already ready for electrical tomorrow… not too bad for a bunch of young guys! 😉

Team Sparky… get it… they’re the electricians… will begin wiring the clinic tomorrow in anticipation of the solar units that should be arriving soon.

Team Optical examined and fitted nearly 60 people for glasses today, how exciting that more than half of their patients accepted Christ as our prayer team evangelized and prayed with them! To God be all the glory!

We are part of the Family…

Sadly, one of our Haitian team members who started with us almost three years ago suffered the passing of his mom today; we are all part of the Family of God and we were thankful to be able to pray with our brother.

Day one is finished now and we head home for a cold soda on the patio, eager to share with each other all our amazing experiences from the day. It’s only been one day in our adopted village and we have already accomplished so much! Keep praying and please stay tuned as we continue to bring you all updates from Haiti.

Until tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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