Building A Place To Call Home – Day 4 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

Oh what a wonderful morning…

Tuesday what a wonderful day…. BACON! Yes BACON for breakfast this morning… all is good with our world now. Breakfast was amazing however the incredible taste of bacon caused us to savor this mornings meal a bit longer than normal and so we started our commute a little later than expected… and man did we payed for it. What is normally a 90min commute turned into a much longer 2 1/2hr stop and go ride. Although we had a longer than normal trip up the mountain we arrived safely, energized and ready to get to work.



Team devotions this morning reminded us that in our weakness He is made strong. Tuesday’s are historically the roughest day so we prayed for added strength and endurance to complete the tasks ahead of us. A great spirit of teamwork ensued throughout the team as we all knuckled down and got busy!

Our teams hard at work…

The Kids Camp Team had an influx of new children today as they sang songs, told bible stories, played games, colored, fed every child and had an all around blast with these kids today. Not far from the clinic the daily recital of bible verses and math lessons could be heard as the kids in school got another day of education and a delicious hot lunch thanks to our BGMC partners.

Some of our team members were reunited with a kids that were greatly anticipating their return from their last visit and it was a special moment to witness a bond between them that only God can create. A bond that breaks down language barriers, culture differences and builds a trust that allows us to share the love of Jesus Christ with them.

Team Optical once again worked tirelessly to examine and fit so many new people desiring to see better; And praise the Lord many of these people again left not only with better eyesight but also seeing the “Light” and accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! God is doing amazing things on this mountain!


Team Iowa joined Team Stamford and continued to build the first of many Operation Hope Houses in Zoranje! The excitement and overwhelming joy on the families faces who will be moving in was priceless! This is a HUGE opportunity for us to touch individual families in such a personal way by helping them build their own homes. These are truly Life Changing things that God is doing through the labor of many and your prayers and giving back home! Our prayer is that the Light of Christ will burn so brightly in this community, that it is seen from every other village! God is building a spiritual house here that will surely stand until He comes again.

Working together as one…

Watching how our Haitian team and our American team work together brings a feeling of unexplainable emotion as each one of us have become an intricate part of this community. It means that we are now welcomed as partners… no longer as providers. There’s such a huge difference there as we work together to build churches, schools, medical clinics and now homes… together!

Our team had the honor today to be a small part in helping the family that lost a loved one yesterday by lending them a cattle car and truck to carry her casket from the families home to her burial site. This was another opportunity that God allowed us to share His love in a tangible way to this community. They are family to us, and we morn with them today; Please keep Luane and his wife Evny in your prayers back home.

It was another long trip back as it’s market in Zoranje and a sea of human activity continuously crossed our path as we made our way home. A cool shower, a cold soda and a hot dinner was waiting for us when we arrived home… what a blessing, it was a good day in Haiti today.

Until tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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