Building A Place Of Sustainability – Day 1 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Mar 2018

Day 1 – Lift Off…

It’s 4:15am and our team has begun to arrive at New Life church. Some of us making this trip for the first time feel overwhelmed that this day is finally here and we would be starting our journey to a foreign land. Everyone however is filled with excitement and some even a little anxiety for what we will experience this week. We’re also excited to meet the half of our group that left yesterday and already have boots on the ground!

Well, what started as a early but exciting morning… quickly turned into a very, very looooong morning. We arrived to JFK around 6am and began the check in process. Everything was running on schedule and then just as we finished checking in for our 8:22 flight news came in that we would be delayed until 11:19… oh boy.

Hopeful that this would be the only delay, we were getting closer to boarding and then more announcements… we were delayed for a second time to 12:30pm. Now this is where you say “WOW thats a lot of delays” and we say “You ain’t kidding”… but there’s more… our flight got delayed a third time to 1:35pm. Now that’s A LOT of waiting around but, it actually gave us all some time to get to know each other a little better and after a total of 5 hours in delays we were all wide awake and excited to finally have lift off to Port Au Prince!


To say we are all looking forward to this trip would be an understatement! Some of the team shared their experiences from previous trips to help ease the minds of those who have never been a part of this mission before. It is so amazing to hear the passion that everyone has for what we are doing! We can’t wait to get there and start sharing God’s love with the people of Haiti.

We landed in Port Au Prince a little after 5:00pm. Most of us have never experienced an airport like this one… Holy cow, was it hectic!

Around 6:30pm we finally made it to the cattle trucks… no, Pastor Andy was not kidding when he told us our ride to the missionary’s house where we would be staying would be a cattle truck… we all jumped in. Once we arrived at the house, we got settled, prayed together, and finally ended this day of travel by enjoying a delicious meal together. It’s lights out for now as we get sleep for the rest of our journey tomorrow morning to Zorange.

That’s it for now! Check back tomorrow,

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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