Building A Place Of Sustainability – Day 2 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Mar 2018


Day 2 – Getting Started…

We woke up to the sound of roosters crowing this morning as the sun glistened off of the mountains… God’s creative hand is so clearly visible in this beautiful land.

After breakfast we started our trek up the mountain. This beautiful morning was the perfect gateway to focus our team and get us ready to worship the Lord.

Around 7:30 this morning we arrived at the church and were immediately greeted by excitement on the faces of the people waiting for us. They even made sure to have seats set aside for us so we would feel welcome as we joined with them in prayer and praise to the Lord.

After the service we all gathered together to take pictures and have fun with the kids watching Milton’s drone fly above us. Today may have been a short visit but at the same time it was so fulfilling to meet the villagers and for some of the team, be reunited with friends they made on previous trips.

We made another quick stop at the pig farm that the team before us in October built (see pics of them below). It was awesome to see the new piglets that were just born and then found out that another pig was in labor. We’ll get more pics of this tomorrow as we are expecting a new litter to be waiting for us in the morning!

We arrived back at the house just in time for lunch, relaxed and got to know each other better. As the day came to a close we finished our preparations for the work we will be doing this week.

Please pray for us as tomorrow we begin a long & hard work week,

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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