Building A Place Of Sustainability – Day 3 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Mar 2018


Day 3 – A day to remember…

The team got an early start today… everyone was ready by the cattle truck by 5:30! Everyone was anxious to start our work up in the mountains. The view on the ride up to the village is absolutely breathtaking, so music so that when we broke down for 20 minutes no one was even upset! The men were able to get the truck up and running and with a couple more stalls along the way we finally made it to the church.

When we arrived we had a moment of worship and prayer before we began our work for the day. After prayer time we broke up into different groups, some went kids ministry, others the medical clinic, and the rest on construction.

What an amazing day we had with the children, it was so a joy to see the smiles on their faces while they listened to stories about Jesus and and made crafts. Every child was so welcoming and excited to see us, you couldn’t help but fall in love with them. We even taught the kids a few dances which was a absolute blast! After we played a few games we headed back into the church for bible study where the kids learned about the story of the Good Samaritan and even got to see a puppet show!

The medical clinic had a busy day as well. They saw so many patients with both medical and dental issues. Each patient was so grateful for the help that was being provided to them, this is not something that is available to them on a daily basis. Many people even came by just because they have never seen a doctor before and wanted themselves or their children to be checked out… can you imagine that? We are so blessed in America.

One Family came by to see Dr. Listy very concerned because the mother was unable to produce milk and their baby girl had not eaten in five days. As Dr. Listy checked her out she found her to be very weak and determined she needed immediate care or she may not make it through the day. Pastor Andy and our translator Jerry (next to Pastor Andy in the picture below) immediatly drove the family to a hospital however they kept getting turned away due to the severity of the baby… looking for a hospital that could care for her they continued to drive to 4 hospitals in four hours finally finding a place that could help them. PLEASE pray for this family and their baby (seen in the picture below)… we do not know their names however God does!

At the construction site the guys got to work building another Operation Hope House. Moving fast to insure they get the most they could get done the team dug the trench for the foundation and got started on the plumbing right away.

Man they really worked so hard all day! Tomorrow they will be pouring the cement in the morning! Thats it for today… until tomorrow…

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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