Building A Community – Day 2 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Aug 2018

God’s Goodness day 2

God has just continued to amaze us here in Haiti! Today we attended Rendezvous Church with our team and host missionaries. The Pastor preached about the wedding feast at Cana, and how Jesus can turn ALL our water into wine. It doesn’t matter what kind of “water” we are. Jesus can use what we have to make something so much more in His name! The message spoke clearly to us all, for the misssion and for all of our own personal reasons and needs. We have begun to share our own testimonies of what God has and is doing in all of our lives and the connections between the team are being nurtured.

We spent some time resting up for our work in the village tomorrow with an awesome BBQ and poolside! Excitement was buzzing through the house as we unpacked bag upon bag of school supplies and medical equipment that will be used to bless the people of Zorange this week. Individual teams eagerly talked about the plans for the upcoming days.

We are all feeling God’s hand over us as we work and enjoy being obedient and completing this work for His glory! Please continue to pray for us and we step out onto the mission field tomorrow am!

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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