Building A Community – Day 3 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Aug 2018


Day 3 – Headed to the Mission Field…

Our first day on the mission field could only be described as God-breathed. Every ministry from the children’s VBS, building projects, teacher training to the medical center was anointed by our amazing heavenly Father.  In VBS the children had a blast dancing and singing about Jesus. They learned that at all times, God is able to hear them. We were all so touched by the sweet hugs and love we received from each child. They are a reminder to all of us that we should always run after God with a childlike faith.

The medical team was a blessing to many today. Each person treated was shown the heart of God with loving care. Every patient was given the opportunity to be prayed over by members of our team and the pastors of the village. One man, around the age of 40, gave his life to the Lord today! It is clear that the people in Zorange are thankful for this valuable resource.

The construction crew worked hard to begin work on a new bathroom for the medical center. They began with just a cement slab and ended the day by putting up the walls of cinder blocks, all the while battling the wild Haitian tarantulas! This is something that may seem so small to us, but it is a treasure for the people of the village.

The high school teachers of the school were given training for strategies and techniques they could use in their classrooms. We taught them many games using simple items such as playing cards, dice and flash cards that they could use to help their students practice in an engaging way. There was so much joy as we worked together playing and having fun!

The ride home from the site was a beautiful time of testimony and sharing of how the Lord moved today. We thank God for the continued strength He is providing to all of us!

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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