Building A Community – Day 4 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Aug 2018


Day 4 -This Little Light of Mine…

We all woke up to the most beautiful sunrise today in Haiti! Truly God’s masterpiece! After making the trek up the mountain, we convened for our devotion where Lorna reminded us how we can all be so grateful to have the appointment of God to be His light. She led us in singing “This Little Light of Mine,” which gave us a great start to our work today.


We could really feel God’s presence in everything we did today. Every encounter, every smile and every kind word was magnified by the Lord. Today we saw many infants in our clinic and had the opportunity to pray with many mothers and young children. Today 3 people accepted Jesus, Praise the Lord! We are believing in full faith for the healing of the many we prayed for today.


Children’s ministry was on FIRE! The kids were excited and interactive in all the days’ activities. They sang the Haitian version of “FAther Abraham” for all of us! It was a joy to see and hear!


The building team is making progress in laying more bricks for the new bathroom. They have also begun working on the roof of the medical clinic. The team is thankful for the strength that God is giving us to keep moving! The fellowship at the house is incredible! We are all having the best time and creating lasting memories!


We Have POWER! Thanks to our church partners and Bryan Wilson at for helping us make this possible in Zorange and please check out more of what Bryan is doing through their projects!

Yesterday was fantastic and today was even better! We can only imagine what the Lord will do tomorrow!

Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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