Building A Place To Call Home – Day 5 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

Another beautiful Zoranje Sunrise…

Day 5- Wednesday… After enduring yesterdays 2 1/2hr commute, our team was determined to get on the road early and get a jump on this crazy traffic. We were happy to cut our trip down by half the time and got to enjoy the most BEAUTIFUL Zoranje sunrise… it captivates us every time, and it never gets old. The riggers of travel however are starting to take their toll and the bumpy rides are testing our endurance. Never the less our team is awesome and determined to arrive full of energy and ready to work tirelessly.


We are more than half way through our trip, and time seems to be flying by so fast. We remind ourselves every night to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished so far. All the blocks laid down, the walls built, the roofs lifted, the electrical installed, the eye glasses fitted, the prayers shared, the bible stories told and games played, the friendships that were created and the many lives that were saved by accepting Jesus. As I write this, I am overwhelmed by how it feels to be part of this amazing journey God has set us on. There is so much more to do here, and even more that we want to do here.

No task is accomplished easily on this mountain, so patience is something we all learn to accept and apply every day… Anthony reminded us in our morning devotions that we all need to lean on God and we must also wait on His timing.


Team News…

Team Sparky was fully charged today and more than 80% of the entire clinic is now wired and ready for the solar hookup! That’s ELECTRIFYING… 😉

Team Old Guys and Team young Bucks joined forces to finish almost the entirety of the interior walls in the clinic and also the medical housing.

Team Iowa lead by Jeff and Tracie Crowder along with Team Bethany raised the roof on Bernadettes house! Needless to say she was overjoyed by how her new home is coming along. These two determined teams worked so hard without complaining, they even dug a septic tank and installed a front door. We felt like we were watching one of those DIY shows that builds a house in a day. On Friday we’re going to have the BIG reveal, we can’t wait!

We had the opportunity to take a short break and participate in the opening ceremonies for school today. What a treat to listen to these kids sing and laugh. To see the excitement in their eyes to learn knowing they also have a full meal waiting for them was a blessing in our day.

Team Kids Camp had the pre schoolers marching to Father Abraham, singing This little light of mine and Jesus Loves The Little Children! So cool, so many laughs and so much candy was consumed lol!

Team Optical once again fitted what seemed to be an endless amount of people in line for glasses. If it seems like an easy task add the fact that many of them have never had an eye exam or even worn glasses before and you have yourself one very difficult job! We were filled with joy as an elderly man who came on Monday to get glasses, returned today. Why.. because Monday he went home thinking about the message of Gods love and forgiveness our prayer team shared with him and he returned today to give his heart to Jesus! Pastor Al prayed on Monday that the Holy Spirit would stir his heart to change, to God be the glory, He did just that!

Long days = Great rewards…

It was a long day today, but what a rewarding day. We look forward to tomorrows new challenges and excited to see what new opportunities God has waiting. Tomorrow we’ll be finishing up our work in the village… and the team has couple of surprises in store so stay tuned!

Until tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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