Building A Place To Call Home – Day 7 Operation Hope Haiti Edition – Oct 2017

Day 7 – Divide and conquer…

To make the most of our last day in Haiti, today our teams are headed in a few different directions. Team Bethany along with Team Iowa and Team Young Bucks decided to make one last trip to Zorange to finish up a few things that needed some additional attention. Things like installing bathroom fixtures into the new Operation Hope House, finishing a few walls in the clinic and then cleaning up the work sites at both locations were still on their hit list. They just couldn’t leave without marking everything off… gotta love that!

The 1st Operation Hope House Reveal…

Team Optical and Team Old Guys packed up medical supplies, mattresses and bunk beds to help move them into the new guesthouse getting ready for our next trip in March of 2018. We’ll be announcing those dates soon so if you’re interested in being a part of this amazing project please call us at 203-261-2728 and ask for Pastor Andy.

An opportunity to rest…

Some of the team are BIG soccer fans and when they heard about the local Christian Schools soccer game in town they jumped at the opportunity to enjoy a game and cheer the home team on. A few others of us were hosted at the school by a young missionary couple who teaches there, what a treat!


A few of our team members were even able to take a much deserved break and made a quick trip to the local shops for handmade souvenirs. Keepsakes made by local artists are always a huge attraction when we bring newbies to Haiti but even on the return trips we can’t seem to leave without bringing home one as a memory of our trip to this beautiful land.

What a trip we’ve had! All of us would like to give a huge thank you to our families, friends and churches for the continued prayerful support & donations that help make this ever continuing project possible!

If you would like to be a part of our next trip call Pastor Andy Patton at 203-261-2728 or ask for more information at our Trumbull campus connection table.

Here are a few more pics of what we were blessed to experience this week…

We are packing up and ready to go! See you in church on Sunday!

See you tomorrow,

Andy & Team Operation Hope

Onward – Upward – Outward!

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